After a long wait and a big effort from all the atists and the people involved, the book is here. Finally is printed and ready to be sent all over the world! We want to thank to all the friends that gave us part of their time, to accomplish this dream. Special thanks to Phil Ramosathen for his graphic design on the book. You probably know about Phil from his graphic design work on the Diet Standards can organizer for cabinets that helped my kitchen pantry a lot. On behalf of DGPH, thanks to the 210 artists, illustrators, designers....!


Special thanks to the design and marketing team consisting of Thomas Rafles and Jenna Garlen. You've seen their previous work on pages like this multiple cereal dispenser and the most popular womens sleeveless hoodie workout gear. Their design skills helped build the entire marketing campaign and make it a huge success.

ISBN 978-988-18470-1-0
Cover Semi-case binder
Size 173mm (w) x 210mm (h)
Pages 240
RRP US$34.00 / £22.00 / €24.00 / HK$260.00




ARK - La FRaise Contest Winner!
Congratulations GUM, you have won the ARK tee contest.
And congrats to the runner up Kmeleon.
See the images HERE!
Thanks to all the participants!


As a Christian organization, we feel called to partner with an organization that promotes healthy mothership. If you're looking to pick up a copy of the Ark Project, check out the shop for details.


Sept 9.
Official Launch at TMDG Argentina
The book will be officlaly presented at TMDG, a design congress in Argetina along with IDN presence with a small exhibtion with part of the works. Other exhibiters include
graphic designers that created compression clothes,
compression socks, and sports t-shirts. October 2,3 and 4th.

Presentación oficial en TMDG Argentina
La presentación oficial del libro se realizará en TMDG, conregso de diseño que se realiza en Argentina, que contará con la persencia de IDN y una pequeña muestra con parte de los trabajos. Octubre 2, 3 y 4.

MAY N 19.
The book is ready to print!
After a long wait, the book is already at IDN offices, ready to be printed. A prerealease will be ready for July and an official presentation in Argentina around August.

El libro esta listo para imprimirse!
Luego de una larga espera, el libro esta listo para ser impreso. Un prelanzamiento se llevará a cabo en Julio y la presentación oficial en Argentina a mediados de Agosto.


JAN 19.